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Google Analytics

Q. What steps did you need to take to implement Google Analytics into your site?

To setup Google Analytics I needed to link my site to the Google Analytics Page (https://analytics.google.com/) so that data can be retrieved about the sites audience and how they use the site. Once the site was linked I added a script allowing each page to be tracked into the WordPress theme. The script was copied from the Google Analytics Page. This allowed me to view the analytics on the Google site but if I wanted to view data straight from the WP dashboard I needed to install a plugin.

After some research it came down to two plugins a freemium plugin called MonsterInsights (https://www.monsterinsights.com/) or a free plugin called Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (https://deconf.com/google-analytics-dashboard-wordpress/). Both are top rating plugins and recommended on many blogs. I installed Google Analytics Dashboard for WP but if I was to ever turn the site into an e-commerce site I think I would pay for MonsterInsights Pro. The graphs and data shown in the WP Dashboard by Google Analytics Dashboard for WP are very basic but enough to start with.

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