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WordPress Templates

Q. What is the function of a WordPress template?

The function of a WordPress template is to control how your WordPress site will be displayed on the Web. Templates are a coded building block, it is this structure that is the container for data drawn from your MySQL database. A WordPress theme is made up of many WordPress template parts and your style sheets. WordPress templates can be included into each other and you can have as many or as few templates included in a theme as you like.

Some default WordPress templates are:

Main – index.php. To display the main page of a website.

Header – header.php. Displays the header section.

Sidebar – sidebar.php. Generates HTML output for the sidebar section.

Footer – footer.php. Displays the footer section.

Theme Functions – functions.php. Contains code and functions to be used in a theme.

Single Post – single.php. Displays the single post page.

Comments – comments.php. Displays comments and comment form.


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